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Glamping is the fastest growing trend in tourism, which has brought a lot of properties to the market, the absence of rules and criteria, and consequently also confusion and disruption that hurt both providers and users. World of Glamping introduces rules and criteria, which will enable properties to position themselves better on the market, while improving orderliness and transparency for users. Together, we will raise glamping to an advanced and higher quality level, and add a new chapter to this story.


A team of experts categorises glamping in three segments: scouting, glamping and lodging. One to seven stars are awarded within each segment, based on what is offered and the quality, which will raise glamping to a higher level and lay the foundations for a better future in glamping.


World of Glamping Awards are the pinnacle of the highest quality in the glamping tourism offering international recognition. The International prestigious W.G. Awards are awarded annually only to the best properties that represent the very top of glamping offer.


Any property who obtains the appropriate categorisation and the W.G. Certificate will be listed for the award, receive marketing exposure and will be included in the W.G. collection on our website.


In cooperation with renowned experts of different profiles, in addition to the services and benefits included in each package, we provide a full range of additional services that can upgrade and improve your products and services.


We combine the best glamping properties from individual countries into chains, which allows the guest to get to know each country in the most prestigious way. The chains include only chosen properties that achieve high standards and are able to offer guests the highest level of service.


What matters is being different. Being unique. Standing out. Our team of experts will turn your vision into a fairytale by delivering the complete or any of the phases needed to turn your ideas into successful businesses.


Glamping, also known as luxury or glamorous camping, contains many properties who offer an accommodation service in harmony with nature, where advertising of glamping properties is often misleading. Our experience and knowledge of the trend has prompted us to tackle this problem, and thus, based on quality, luxury, level of services and type of accommodation, we divided glamping into three main segments.



Lodging is basically designed as glamping, but with its luxurious and extravagant accommodations and top service offers, it belongs to the very top of the tourist offer. Architecturally completed and original facilities are fixedly integrated into a completed whole, but still maintain a genuine and direct contact with the natural environment. Additional products and services, both in terms of extent and content, are the highlight of luxury and glamour.



Glamping means accommodation in an architecturally and uniquely completed dwelling in an exclusive and remote location. It offers a rich additional array of products and services at the level of luxury hotels, but still maintains a genuine and direct contact with the natural environment. It is a synonym for exclusive boutique tourism, where the facilities are thoughtfully designed in order to provide a sense of luxury and glamour with their uniqueness. Guests are accommodated in yurts, tents, tree houses, etc.



Wilderness, adventure, peace, comfortable bed and privacy with a view – these words describe SCOUTING, which represents the level of quality between camping and glamping. In spite of the higher standards, scouting is not designed as an architectural unit in the style of a resort, accommodation units do not include their own bathroom facilities, luxury equipment and additional, accompanying offers and services.

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Saruni lodges and camps, Kenya

Keemala, Thailand

Tree Hotel, Sweden

Ka Bru, Brazil

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